Random Wednesdays

Written on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 by Deeze

Why is an iPhone activation that isn't store bought so difficult?

Wow, I've only been to Atlanta once this year, and I have no current plans to go

Is it football season yet?

Why does it rain EVERY weekend with the exception of 2 since April 1st?

Summertime is over, and in September it's back to working like a maniac. I miss my EXTRA money.

Can I get a raise to cover these inflation costs?

Public Transportation is a great invention!

I'm sore from working out.

Why do you have to take an Accord to the dealership to change the freggin headlight? Remember when you could just pop it in under the hood?

I think my DAD has some pull in HEAVEN with GOD because I'm getting an EXTRA helping of favor. Somethings happen so good, it scares me!


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