New iToy

Written on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by Deeze

I finally done it... I've bought 1 of the 2 major electronic purchases for the year. I bought an iPhone.... I didn't get it from the Apple Store though. I bought it off of someone for $125 in like new condition. Boy do I LOVE getting a bargin; it's the next best thing to free. It's not the 3G version, but they give you a 2.0 version to have the same functionality with the exception of being on the 3G network, which is fine to me. I don't use the phone internet THAT much anyway.

I've been in the stores playing with it since it came out but I couldn't justify buying it for $499. It just wouldn't happen!

Doll has one but only uses it for the phone...... she just realized it had GPS, lol. I'm love getting new toys... well, it's time to set it up now... the part I HATE! Wish me luck!

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