Random Wednesdays

Written on Wednesday, July 02, 2008 by Deeze

This is the first installment of "Random Wednesday." Random Wednesday is a day when I post COMPLETELY random thoughts/rants that have nothing to do with each other. So here goes....

    Why can't I stop listening to Lil' Wayne's "Comfortable f/ Babyface & Kanye West?" I love the whole album, but when this song comes on I keep having to replay it about 3-5 times.....

    That woman has even slowed down Usher's music too. I like 'Here I Stand' but can I get a few dance tracks (i.e. "Yeah", "You Don't Have To Call", "You Make Me Wanna")? What's with the trend of Hip-Hop and R&B artist with this mid-tempo melancholy crap? It's hard to find a hype song unless you listen to some wack rappers like Solja Boy or some chant rapper. Hip-Hop/R&B.... Can we PLEASE get back to having fun again in music?

    I'm going to see Fantasia and Estelle at the Taste whoopee(sarcastically) !!!

    When will gas be $10? Once we start having electric cars, won't that be an opportunity for the electric companies to get rich like the oil companies?

    Chicago's Sales Tax is now the highest in the nation. Word of advice to visitors.... don't buy anything in the city. Yes, Mayor Daley I said it! I'm not buying anything else in the city until they get their minds right in City Hall.

    I thought about buying a scooter or motorcycle.... Then I did a cost/benefit analysis, and realized how stupid that would be.

    I rode my bike to the gym (about 3 miles each way) and worked out 1 1/2 hours. I rode my bike the last 2 days for about 15 total miles.

    Why is my girlfriend as funny as a stand up comedian? The bad part is she isn't trying to be funny, it's just natural.

    Is Downtown/River North Chicago the hiding spot for BF/WM dating/relationships? I swear that's all I saw the last 2 weekends while in the area. I still get nauseous a bit. Uggghh.

    I still think about burning down the place that I got food poisoning from.

    Why am I thinking of getting a new car since car dealers are so desperate to sell them now.... don't be surprised if I'm in a 3-series convertible..... Kidding, my car is 95% paid off, so I'm not buying one at least for a year.

    It should be mandatory that all companies give their workers an option of a 4 day 10 hour day to cut down on gas costs and usage...

    I'm considering going to my Line Bro's wedding in Jamaica instead of the Black MBA Conference in DC.

    I can't wait for AAMU's homecoming....

    Is it football season yet? I'm miserable with no real sports :( (baseball sucks)

Someone just got hit on their motorcycle in front of my office building.... see why I thought better of getting a motorcycle? It's dangerous enough to ride a friggin' bike these days!
End Rant

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