Wow, what a Sunday!

Written on Monday, July 21, 2008 by Deeze

It started at 4:45am..... I went to the IMAX at 6am to see "The Dark Knight." I must admit, it was one of the best movies I've seen in quite a while. The movie was less about The Batman, and more about the Joker. This guy in the movie was sicker than Hannibal Lector. All I can say is.... the critics were actually right for once! I'm not going to talk about it more yet.... just go see it!

We followed it up with breakfast at Crakerbarrel, a drop off at the airport, then dinner at Outback (one of my favorites!!!!)

It was around 6 and I was pretty much pooped then a text came in from one of my former co-workers, to met them at Lux Bar. I had every intention to only stay for an hour or so but was there until almost 11pm. My friends are absolutely crazy. We probably almost got kicked out for being loud and using obscene language (2 of my friends were drunk by the time we got there). The bad part was we were outside, right by the door in River North/ Gold Cost area so you know we REALLY stood out!

I know I'm still young if I can be gone from the house from 5 am until almost 11pm and still get to work at 730am and still function effectively. I did everything but go to Church on Sunday..... I'll be back this upcoming Sunday :)

Random Wednesdays

Written on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 by Deeze

Why is an iPhone activation that isn't store bought so difficult?

Wow, I've only been to Atlanta once this year, and I have no current plans to go

Is it football season yet?

Why does it rain EVERY weekend with the exception of 2 since April 1st?

Summertime is over, and in September it's back to working like a maniac. I miss my EXTRA money.

Can I get a raise to cover these inflation costs?

Public Transportation is a great invention!

I'm sore from working out.

Why do you have to take an Accord to the dealership to change the freggin headlight? Remember when you could just pop it in under the hood?

I think my DAD has some pull in HEAVEN with GOD because I'm getting an EXTRA helping of favor. Somethings happen so good, it scares me!


i Irritation - Error 3259

Written on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by Deeze

Now that I got an iPhone, the set up has been an irritation!!!!!!!
I bought my iPhone from someone so it was already setup by the previous owner. I needed to update to the 2.0 software because I need to be able to use my work email (they pay my bill :)). I tried to download the software but no go.

I got error 3259 while trying to download. I called the Apple Store to see if they could help me. I was on hold for about 20 mins. Since I'm very tech savy, I already did everything they suggested over the phone already, so after all that they could only set an appointment tomorrow for me because they are not taking any walk-ins because of the 3G phone.

Since I felt waiting until tomorrow night was not an acceptable solution, I decided to figure this thing out myself. I did find out that I needed to get a new SIM card for the phone since it was previously owned. I went to AT&T - South Loop and they were really cool about it, and gave me a FREE SIM card ($24 value). I registered and activated my new phone, so I figured that may be the reason that I couldn't upgrade to 2.0 Software. After a few hours of trying no go.

I researched the web over and over and found dozens of things to try like changing the 'msconfig' settings, deleting IE7, and so forth. Then I read somewhere to open port 3689... still no go. Lastly I opened port 5353 and FINALLY success.

I wasted 4 hours of my life trying to set this thing up and it should have been on Apple's website. Since they didn't hopefully I'll help someone here.

These instructions are for a previously owned 1st Gen iPhone. If it was not previously owned skip steps 1 and obviously the activation step.

  1. Buy new SIM Card
  2. Go to Control Panel > Network > Change Firewall Settings > Exeptions > Add Port TCP 3689.
  3. Add Port UDP 5353 > Apply Settings (name the ports something unique like iTunes Download 1 & 2)
  4. Sync with iTunes.... DON'T TURN ON UNTIL CPU SYNC
  5. Go to iTunes >
  6. Activate Phone and follow on-screen instructions. Since I am an AT&T customer already, it was easy to transfer my service.
  7. Help > Check For Updates >
  8. Follow on-screen instructions
  9. Allow iTunes to update iPhone.. usually takes about an hour for this whole process.

That should eliminate the Error 3259

Now I have to set up my work email and I should be good to go.

New iToy

Written on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by Deeze

I finally done it... I've bought 1 of the 2 major electronic purchases for the year. I bought an iPhone.... I didn't get it from the Apple Store though. I bought it off of someone for $125 in like new condition. Boy do I LOVE getting a bargin; it's the next best thing to free. It's not the 3G version, but they give you a 2.0 version to have the same functionality with the exception of being on the 3G network, which is fine to me. I don't use the phone internet THAT much anyway.

I've been in the stores playing with it since it came out but I couldn't justify buying it for $499. It just wouldn't happen!

Doll has one but only uses it for the phone...... she just realized it had GPS, lol. I'm love getting new toys... well, it's time to set it up now... the part I HATE! Wish me luck!

Feelin' Geeky

Written on Sunday, July 13, 2008 by Deeze

Since being liberated from programming and taking a vacation from school, I have been really out of touch with technology and gadgets this entire year and the last quarter of last year. In fact, it became so bad, I stopped teaching technical classes, I didn't use a computer beyond work hours except to use things like iTunes and write an occasional blog. I used to take my laptop everywhere with me that I was staying more than a few hours. Now, I don't even consider taking it anywhere with me besides work.

I think on Friday, I've gotten new inspiration for some reason. I've gotten the itch to get back into gadgets, designing websites, and creating applications. Also, I've decided to go back to finish school in September (if I don't change my mind AGAIN). It's weird, I got completely disinterested in technology for a while, but I think I'm getting my stride back.

Working From Home

Written on Thursday, July 10, 2008 by Deeze

Yesterday, I had a major proponent for a Project that I've been working on since I started this job to finish out, and I figured it would be more productive for me to finish at home instead of spending 1.5 hours to get dressed and commute back and forth.

I've noticed that when I work at home, I can actually perform my job at a higher level on days that I don't have meetings. When I'm in the office, I have my ipod on anyway, so it's not like I interact with anyone, I'm in my own music world. The difference is I'm conscious of quitting time, while at home, it really doesn't matter when I finish because I have no commute. Although I pulled a 12+ hour day, I feel a lot better because I started at 630 am and finished around 7, and still had the rest of the evening.

At some point I should be working from home 2-3 days per week because I don't see clients or have meetings for the most part. With the was gas prices are, I won't be able to come into the office but 2-3 days per week anyway. Although I can work from home when I want, I am going to request a standard work from home day (probably Thursday instead of Friday to not seem like a slacker).

Random Wednesdays

Written on Wednesday, July 09, 2008 by Deeze

Why is the guy from P90x a complete animal? Doll and I did a few exercises from the series, and he's a nut....... it was great. The ab exercises were only 15 minutes and they were killing us in 5 minutes.

4th of July weekend is still the best holiday of the year... no gifts to buy, no commercialization/ lies to tell children (Santa/Easter Bunny), relaxation, outdoors, and bbq!

What's with the insane cover charges these days? Only places where Black folks only/majority charge $20-$60 for absolutely nothing..... Let me get this straight..... you want ME to pay YOU for MY PRESENCE at YOUR place? .

Is it me or isn't it true that summertime always had the best music and albums to come out? Lil' Wayne is the only fire to come out so far... Usher was good but not great by his standards..... otherwise..... nothing for the Summer other than stupid chant songs.

Why was this the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Chicago since April that we didn't have NO rain for all 3 days? Damn that Global Warming.

Why do I think less and plan less for the future than I used to?

I've gotten very casual and lazy with my dressing lately. I think it's because now you can wear jeans everywhere, I go to the gym pretty often, and I can wear whatever I want to work.... That's about to change... I didn't even own a pair of sweats until I was 24.

$240 a month on gas is too much.... I'm working on knocking it down to $100.
I filled up my car for the first time in 2 weeks. Normally I fill it up once a week.

It should be mandatory for all companies to allow their non-customer face-to-face office workers to telecommute at a minimum of 2 days per week.

Direct TV sucks..... I'm glad I only pay $15 per month since it's included w/ my building. The only good thing is the NFL Sunday Ticket.. can't wait until September.

I found some new Video sites... why was I up the last two nights watching cartoons like a kid?

I'm buying a PS3 for Madden 09 and Grand Theft Auto soon (probably August)

I still haven't gotten my stimulus check from the government

We have BEER in our Fridge AT WORK!!!!

Corporate Meeting

Written on Tuesday, July 08, 2008 by Deeze

Today was my first BIG client meeting for my new job. It was funny.... my boss was more nervous than I was. I think b/c I talk for a living as a professor, giving presentations in front of people don't really affect me.

My boss and I were very pleased with the results in the meeting, now I'm just hoping that they will sign the contract although I believe we have an excellent chance. I've been working on this project since I started in April so it's good to see my work pay off in front of my face and my boss' face as well; especially since I had to start working on it my very first day of work when I had no idea what to do.

Whew... I'm glad that's over.. now I can not be stressed!

Gettin' My Taste On

Written on Thursday, July 03, 2008 by Deeze

I went to the Taste again last night, and this time I actually was able to eat. I went last Saturday to see Stevie Wonder and it was so crowded, you could barely move so I went somewhere else to get some food.

Fantasia and Estelle performed last night and it was a decent show. I took Doll to see Estelle at the House of Blues a few months ago (the tix were only $15 so I was happy :) ) and she was pretty good. For some reason Doll LOVES Estelle and was so geeked to go. I could have stayed home and took a nap very easily. I was overcast and drizzling majority of the time which was fine with me, because I know people stayed at home because they are allergic to rain. Estelle's performance was almost exactly the same as it was at the HOB, so it was good. There was no Kanye doing his part on 'American Boy' so of course the song doesn't have the same appeal, but it closed the show well.

Fantasia was being Fantasia..... screaming and hollering half the show. That's what makes her entertaining. We all know she doesn't have any hits that are uptempo so she was singing the uptempo songs of her albums that no one knew. She then threw in a few old school songs like Purple Rain which was good as well. I only came to see her sing 'Truth Is' and 'Free Yourself'.

Since Fantasia has problems with the "TH's and N'Ts" in her words, "If You Don't Want Me Then Don't Talk To Me" chorus of the song is hilarious. I love the song nonetheless. I was however disappointed the 'Truth Is' wasn't sung. Then she brought people on the stage with her to sing and dance, which was pretty cool. She pretty much closed with the ghetto anthem of 'Baby Mamma'. I can't stand the song, but I did like the fact that Jennifer Hudson sang with her for a few minutes. Honestly, that was the best part of the show. I like Fantasia because she can put on a show, which is the reason she won American Idol.

Now I have to go back to the Taste Sunday evening to get rid of the remaining tickets I have since it's the last day :)

Random Wednesdays

Written on Wednesday, July 02, 2008 by Deeze

This is the first installment of "Random Wednesday." Random Wednesday is a day when I post COMPLETELY random thoughts/rants that have nothing to do with each other. So here goes....

    Why can't I stop listening to Lil' Wayne's "Comfortable f/ Babyface & Kanye West?" I love the whole album, but when this song comes on I keep having to replay it about 3-5 times.....

    That woman has even slowed down Usher's music too. I like 'Here I Stand' but can I get a few dance tracks (i.e. "Yeah", "You Don't Have To Call", "You Make Me Wanna")? What's with the trend of Hip-Hop and R&B artist with this mid-tempo melancholy crap? It's hard to find a hype song unless you listen to some wack rappers like Solja Boy or some chant rapper. Hip-Hop/R&B.... Can we PLEASE get back to having fun again in music?

    I'm going to see Fantasia and Estelle at the Taste whoopee(sarcastically) !!!

    When will gas be $10? Once we start having electric cars, won't that be an opportunity for the electric companies to get rich like the oil companies?

    Chicago's Sales Tax is now the highest in the nation. Word of advice to visitors.... don't buy anything in the city. Yes, Mayor Daley I said it! I'm not buying anything else in the city until they get their minds right in City Hall.

    I thought about buying a scooter or motorcycle.... Then I did a cost/benefit analysis, and realized how stupid that would be.

    I rode my bike to the gym (about 3 miles each way) and worked out 1 1/2 hours. I rode my bike the last 2 days for about 15 total miles.

    Why is my girlfriend as funny as a stand up comedian? The bad part is she isn't trying to be funny, it's just natural.

    Is Downtown/River North Chicago the hiding spot for BF/WM dating/relationships? I swear that's all I saw the last 2 weekends while in the area. I still get nauseous a bit. Uggghh.

    I still think about burning down the place that I got food poisoning from.

    Why am I thinking of getting a new car since car dealers are so desperate to sell them now.... don't be surprised if I'm in a 3-series convertible..... Kidding, my car is 95% paid off, so I'm not buying one at least for a year.

    It should be mandatory that all companies give their workers an option of a 4 day 10 hour day to cut down on gas costs and usage...

    I'm considering going to my Line Bro's wedding in Jamaica instead of the Black MBA Conference in DC.

    I can't wait for AAMU's homecoming....

    Is it football season yet? I'm miserable with no real sports :( (baseball sucks)

Someone just got hit on their motorcycle in front of my office building.... see why I thought better of getting a motorcycle? It's dangerous enough to ride a friggin' bike these days!
End Rant