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Written on Wednesday, July 09, 2008 by Deeze

Why is the guy from P90x a complete animal? Doll and I did a few exercises from the series, and he's a nut....... it was great. The ab exercises were only 15 minutes and they were killing us in 5 minutes.

4th of July weekend is still the best holiday of the year... no gifts to buy, no commercialization/ lies to tell children (Santa/Easter Bunny), relaxation, outdoors, and bbq!

What's with the insane cover charges these days? Only places where Black folks only/majority charge $20-$60 for absolutely nothing..... Let me get this straight..... you want ME to pay YOU for MY PRESENCE at YOUR place? .

Is it me or isn't it true that summertime always had the best music and albums to come out? Lil' Wayne is the only fire to come out so far... Usher was good but not great by his standards..... otherwise..... nothing for the Summer other than stupid chant songs.

Why was this the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Chicago since April that we didn't have NO rain for all 3 days? Damn that Global Warming.

Why do I think less and plan less for the future than I used to?

I've gotten very casual and lazy with my dressing lately. I think it's because now you can wear jeans everywhere, I go to the gym pretty often, and I can wear whatever I want to work.... That's about to change... I didn't even own a pair of sweats until I was 24.

$240 a month on gas is too much.... I'm working on knocking it down to $100.
I filled up my car for the first time in 2 weeks. Normally I fill it up once a week.

It should be mandatory for all companies to allow their non-customer face-to-face office workers to telecommute at a minimum of 2 days per week.

Direct TV sucks..... I'm glad I only pay $15 per month since it's included w/ my building. The only good thing is the NFL Sunday Ticket.. can't wait until September.

I found some new Video sites... why was I up the last two nights watching cartoons like a kid?

I'm buying a PS3 for Madden 09 and Grand Theft Auto soon (probably August)

I still haven't gotten my stimulus check from the government

We have BEER in our Fridge AT WORK!!!!

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