The Best Thing I've Seen

Written on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 by Deeze

This is one of the greatest images seen in America in a long time. Everyone else is writing about Obama and his glorious and historical Inauguration, so I decided to focus on something that is equally or more important.

Let's get an understanding people... Obama isn't God and he can't snap his fingers and magically fix everything that W destroyed. In fact, it may take the President after him to see the fruits of Obama's labor (if we're not fooled or scared into electing another idiot). It's going to take time to fix this mess that Bush and company created.

The important thing showed in the picture is Bush leaving and with him, blank checks written to the rich and greedy as well as scare politics and incompetence. Hopefully, when he boarded that plane to go to Texas, he took the last 8 years of hell with him!

Welcome Mr. President Obama!!!

"Change Your Drawls, Change Your Luck"

Written on Tuesday, January 06, 2009 by Deeze

Happy New Year everyone!

For some reason, a phrase that I heard during my week in Atlanta, although pretty silly it has really stuck to me. The phrase is "Change Your Drawls, Change Your Luck." (For you all not familiar with the slang term "Drawls" it's another word for underwear) Although it goes against one of my core beliefs which is I don't believe in luck whatsoever, I actually like the concept of this phrase.

Each year, like everyone else I set goals but I actually set mine in December during my birthday. There are some things that I want to accomplish this year but there are not too many new things that I want to do honestly. The last two years were about expanding, getting experiences, and trying new things. This year, I'm concentrating on building the things that I already have which is plenty.... I realize I've been blessed the more and more I reflect on my life.

Being consistent is something that I struggle with from time to time, so my focus this year is the stay on the path. I'm trying to live "Change Your Drawls, Change Your Luck" therefore, I'm changing some of my methods from more as a freestyle back to a more structured method of accomplishing things.

For example, now my exercise time is 6am each morning although it's easier to workout in the evening..... I feel like to accomplish my fitness goals this year, I need to do different things. Also, I'm joining a yoga and kickboxing class in addition to my regular workout routine...."Change Your Drawls, Change Your Luck."

The most difficult thing about goal setting and accomplishment to me is to keep doing the things you do well, and incorporate new goals into your current methods. Whether it's in business, spiritual, fitness, love, or family.

Always remember.. if you do the same things, you'll get the same results.
"Change Your Drawls, Change Your Luck"