GTA Addicition

Written on Friday, October 31, 2008 by Deeze

Oh boy, here we go again. I'm addicted to Grand Theft Auto the video game AGAIN. A few years ago, I was addicted to GTA Vice City. It got so bad that I used to come home at lunch to play it. I worked 5 mins away from work then so it wasn't a major undertaking to come home, but it was the point of it. The excitement of being 'bad' and not having any consequences is addictive :)

It's started all over again. The first month that I got my PS3, I probably only played it 4 times at max. Now out of nowhere, I'm getting in a few minutes almost everyday. I usually don't play more than 30-45 but the point is I'm doing it 4+ days per week before I go to bed, lol.

GTA 4 is so addictive, I even got my girl to play it and she even got a little hypnotized playing it, and it's totally opposite of what anyone would think she'd enjoy. This game is so insane yet so much fun, it's like another world almost. Now with the graphics and HD game play, it looks so much more real than the PS2 version.

I do have one problem.... Parents are buying this game for their kids. That's totally ridiculous. There is so much violence, cursing, prostitues, pimps, drug dealing, etc., kids should not be allowed to play this game, it's strictly for adults.

At least now I'm getting my money's worth with my PlayStation now.

Student Confrontation

Written on Monday, October 27, 2008 by Deeze

Out of my 3 years teaching, I finally had my first real student confrontation. To make a long story short, she got mad because I caught her cheating. Let me ask my readers this..... If you're in school, and you're looking on someone else's screen for any reason, isn't that cheating during a test, a midterm at that? I didn't even fail her immediately but I asked her not to look at anyone else's screen, and if she did it again, she'd get an 0. Then she became disruptive, and I said if she can't stop talking she would immediately get a 0. She must have thought I was playing games.

I told her there is no discussion.. she has a 0 and she needs to leave immediately. That's when she got mad and started calling me crazy, lol. She kept yapping when I asked her to leave but then I was getting pissed because she was disturbing my other students while they were taking their exams.

She finally got her stuff and walked out, and I walked out right behind her because I was REALLY about to put this wench in her place. She then decided to not want to talk anymore, and I think she must have known I was about to light into her butt!

The problem is this student, doesn't half come to class, doesn't listen well, doesn't do the homework, and just got a book 4 weeks into class. She was spiraling towards an F anyway.

I honestly hope she doesn't come back but I'm sure I'll have to deal with some administrative stuff, but I honestly don't want her back in my class, and I'm calling the dean that tomorrow. When you work for a 'for-profit' school, the administration bends over backwards to give the students a free pass in my opinion, just to keep making money. I'm really (sarcastically) looking forward to that freggin conversation.

Love / Hate Relationship

Written on Sunday, October 26, 2008 by Deeze

Chicago and I have this love/hate relationship. Sometimes I'm happy here, sometimes I'm not. I believe sometime in the somewhat near future, I'm going to make a change, but where and when I have no idea. I'll see where my business takes me. I have a time and a plan in my head, but we'll see if it works out. While doing some business planning last night, I came up was just thinking about how much I love and hate Chicago at the same time.

I love it because:

  • This is where I was born and raised
  • This is where my mom and some of my friends are
  • The summertime is absolutely wonderful. Chicago is the perfect city for about 3 months out of the year to live in.
  • There is ALWAYS something to do, even free and cheap stuff
  • Chicago has a lot of cultural things to do, especially in the warmer months
  • Just because it's cold, life doesn't stop
  • Chicago has some of Nations best colleges i.e. Northwestern, U of Chicago, DePaul, Loyola
  • Strong multi-industry job market
  • It's easy to have fun dates here if you can find a quality woman to date because of the assortment of options of places to go

I hate it because:

  • The 'City of Chicago' is full of s#!* with taxes, and traffic tickets have completely gotten out of control
  • Segregation of this city is insane. I have to live downtown or up north to enjoy things of quality without having to drive for miles.
  • The traffic is insane at any random time of the day or night. Each night when I leave from teaching about 7 or 730, you would think it's 5 in the evening because traffic isn't moving. WTF?
  • December thru March. The weather is miserable!
  • Property is sky high in comparison to what you get. For a LITTLE more reasonable pricing, I'd have to move out of the loop areas. For me, living on the northside is ABSOLUTELY out of the question. I would never live anywhere north of Division because I don't feel comfortable there since there are not too many people that look like me in that side of town. My other options are the middle of nowhere (aka the burbs) or the southside and westside to get substandard stuff such as shopping, restaurants, bars, poor schools, among other things.
  • This is not a very good place to find a date (from a guy's perspective) unless I was interested in interracial dating. Some of us have gotten lucky, but it's definitely not a 'guys market' here as stated from many guys from here and visited here.

Tough Blogging

Written on Sunday, October 26, 2008 by Deeze

It has been really been tough to blog for pretty much this entire year for me. Normally, I have more topics to blog about than time to write them, but lately I haven't had the time nor the inspiration. However, as the end of 2008 approaches, I need to get my blog life back in order :)

In saying that, sometimes my blogs will be short and some will not make a whole lot of sense, but I'm going to dedicate myself to write 3-4 times per week if it's nothing but a sentence.