GTA Addicition

Written on Friday, October 31, 2008 by Deeze

Oh boy, here we go again. I'm addicted to Grand Theft Auto the video game AGAIN. A few years ago, I was addicted to GTA Vice City. It got so bad that I used to come home at lunch to play it. I worked 5 mins away from work then so it wasn't a major undertaking to come home, but it was the point of it. The excitement of being 'bad' and not having any consequences is addictive :)

It's started all over again. The first month that I got my PS3, I probably only played it 4 times at max. Now out of nowhere, I'm getting in a few minutes almost everyday. I usually don't play more than 30-45 but the point is I'm doing it 4+ days per week before I go to bed, lol.

GTA 4 is so addictive, I even got my girl to play it and she even got a little hypnotized playing it, and it's totally opposite of what anyone would think she'd enjoy. This game is so insane yet so much fun, it's like another world almost. Now with the graphics and HD game play, it looks so much more real than the PS2 version.

I do have one problem.... Parents are buying this game for their kids. That's totally ridiculous. There is so much violence, cursing, prostitues, pimps, drug dealing, etc., kids should not be allowed to play this game, it's strictly for adults.

At least now I'm getting my money's worth with my PlayStation now.

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