Student Confrontation

Written on Monday, October 27, 2008 by Deeze

Out of my 3 years teaching, I finally had my first real student confrontation. To make a long story short, she got mad because I caught her cheating. Let me ask my readers this..... If you're in school, and you're looking on someone else's screen for any reason, isn't that cheating during a test, a midterm at that? I didn't even fail her immediately but I asked her not to look at anyone else's screen, and if she did it again, she'd get an 0. Then she became disruptive, and I said if she can't stop talking she would immediately get a 0. She must have thought I was playing games.

I told her there is no discussion.. she has a 0 and she needs to leave immediately. That's when she got mad and started calling me crazy, lol. She kept yapping when I asked her to leave but then I was getting pissed because she was disturbing my other students while they were taking their exams.

She finally got her stuff and walked out, and I walked out right behind her because I was REALLY about to put this wench in her place. She then decided to not want to talk anymore, and I think she must have known I was about to light into her butt!

The problem is this student, doesn't half come to class, doesn't listen well, doesn't do the homework, and just got a book 4 weeks into class. She was spiraling towards an F anyway.

I honestly hope she doesn't come back but I'm sure I'll have to deal with some administrative stuff, but I honestly don't want her back in my class, and I'm calling the dean that tomorrow. When you work for a 'for-profit' school, the administration bends over backwards to give the students a free pass in my opinion, just to keep making money. I'm really (sarcastically) looking forward to that freggin conversation.

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