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Written on Tuesday, November 04, 2008 by Deeze

Yeah right...
People in the south and midwest (Ohio), you really need to wake up. The civil war is over, and the Civil Rights bill was signed in 1965, so W A K E U P!!!
Little known history fact: "Red States" were "Blue States" before the Civil Rights bill was signed.... in other words they were Democrats. So what that tells me is these 'so called' conservatives don't believe in 'progress' aka they are predjudiced.

Also, those who had no other reason to support Hilary Clinton other than she was a woman, W A K E U P! I like Hilary Clinton as a politician but as the President, I felt like nothing too much would change. She's one of the people that supported the stupid war, and then talked about bringing troops home. If you supported the war, what makes me believe you'd be in a hurry to bring them home? You were under enemy fire in Bosnia? Ummmm no that was a lie. Crying during a speech? Character assination? That color doesn't fit you well. The list goes on... It has nothing to do with being a woman. Hell, Mickey and Minnie Mouse could have run if they posessed the right qualities. I really had respect for the Clintons until the dirty campaign, and the unnecessary lies that were told to voters. I believe America may FINALLY be tired of having their intelligence insulted. Bush did it for 8 years with 9/11, Katrina, Iraq, and Terror.

I have respect for McCain, but I don't know if he's in touch with the realities of the average person in America. However, I think picking Palin was yet another insult of America's intelligence. Then again, it wasn't that crazy of a pick. He knew that many of the Hilary supporters supported her because she was a woman, and really wouldn't be able to intelligently tell you another reason why they supported her. So logic says since that woman lost, let just throw another woman in there and these same misguided people will switch sides and vote for you. Yes, I said it.. I'm talking about femminist. Not people that advocate womens rights (I support them and am all for them) but pure femminist. They are as dangerous as the predjudiced. The main difference is beliefs are gender-based instead of race-based.

It's a damn shame that the election is this close because if Barack was a white man, it wouldn't AT ALL be as close as it is. There are many people out there will not vote for him for no other reason than he's black. Not for his beliefs, policies, or personality, but because of his skin. I'm not supporting Obama because he's black (however I'm proud of that fact), I'm supporting him because of his policies, his appearance of being different than the other Capital Hill politicians, and majority of his policies I believe in especially helping the middle class and the WORKING poor.

No, he isn't taking money out of people's pockets, he's redistributng taxes the way they SHOULD be.

Example: If I'm buying a $2000 LCD HDTV, should I pay LESS taxes than someone buying a $399 iPhone? Doesn't that just SOUND wrong to you? Well, thanks to Bush and the Republican party, that's EXACTLY what is happening for the rich.

From my angle Republicans don't like one or two types of people: Poor and Blacks (which sometimes are one in the same). What happened and what's happening in New Orleans a prime example of that. They believe that if you work hard, everyone can be rich and it will cause a 'trinkle down effect'.

Being Black in America has a different reality. If you work equally hard, you will get less, and if you work twice as hard, you might get equality. Being exceptional is the only way to overcome. However, what gives us hope is those exceptional people that have been able to overcome.

I'm not endorsing Barack because he has overcome but I'm endorsing Obama because he's the candidate that may can save this country from our freefall to becoming a third world country. No Barack will not be able to fix it in 8 years, but maybe be able to put us in the position to make it better after 2 terms. What Bush has done in 8 years will probably take 12-16 years to fix to get us back to the 90's era of profitablity and stability.

Please everyone, especially blacks please don't be lazy and go vote. Too many of our ancestors died for this right. For you to sit at home and criticize the process and how the 'White man' is keeping you down shows you are a loser. If the 'White Man' is keeping you down, prove him wrong, and show you're not lazy and exercize your right!

This is what the 'conservatives' think we're getting:

Here's the reality:

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