Gettin' My Taste On

Written on Thursday, July 03, 2008 by Deeze

I went to the Taste again last night, and this time I actually was able to eat. I went last Saturday to see Stevie Wonder and it was so crowded, you could barely move so I went somewhere else to get some food.

Fantasia and Estelle performed last night and it was a decent show. I took Doll to see Estelle at the House of Blues a few months ago (the tix were only $15 so I was happy :) ) and she was pretty good. For some reason Doll LOVES Estelle and was so geeked to go. I could have stayed home and took a nap very easily. I was overcast and drizzling majority of the time which was fine with me, because I know people stayed at home because they are allergic to rain. Estelle's performance was almost exactly the same as it was at the HOB, so it was good. There was no Kanye doing his part on 'American Boy' so of course the song doesn't have the same appeal, but it closed the show well.

Fantasia was being Fantasia..... screaming and hollering half the show. That's what makes her entertaining. We all know she doesn't have any hits that are uptempo so she was singing the uptempo songs of her albums that no one knew. She then threw in a few old school songs like Purple Rain which was good as well. I only came to see her sing 'Truth Is' and 'Free Yourself'.

Since Fantasia has problems with the "TH's and N'Ts" in her words, "If You Don't Want Me Then Don't Talk To Me" chorus of the song is hilarious. I love the song nonetheless. I was however disappointed the 'Truth Is' wasn't sung. Then she brought people on the stage with her to sing and dance, which was pretty cool. She pretty much closed with the ghetto anthem of 'Baby Mamma'. I can't stand the song, but I did like the fact that Jennifer Hudson sang with her for a few minutes. Honestly, that was the best part of the show. I like Fantasia because she can put on a show, which is the reason she won American Idol.

Now I have to go back to the Taste Sunday evening to get rid of the remaining tickets I have since it's the last day :)

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