Smallville, Illinois - Fall Idiot Box

Written on Saturday, August 09, 2008 by Deeze

Oh boy I have gotten addicted to yet another show....... Smallville
Normally, I'm not a big Superman fan, but the show is really good. The allure of the show is that it's so well written and I had an opportunity to watch it from the very first show. Last summer, HDNet played the show from day one (around 2001) every day so this summer I finally caught up to season 6 thanks to DVR.

Unfortunately, they stopped at the end of Season 5 and started back from the beginning a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm like WTF????? So being the closet geek I am, I decided to look for the remaining seasons (6 and 7) online. After a few weeks of combing the internet... I found them. Now I've obtained both seasons 6 and 7, it will keep me occupied until football season which begins in less than a month!!!!!!!

Now I'm ready for Season 8 when it starts up in the next month... Darn, something else that I have to add to my DVR schedule. I hate getting addicted to tv shows.

Here's my fall addiction shows that I'm now aware of:

    NFL Football
    Hard Knocks - Cowboys Camp
    Bill Mahr
    Grey's Anatomy
    The Boondocks
    I Want To Be Diddy's Assistant

I'll have to catch up on most of these on the weekends since I don't have time to watch this much TV during the week. I hope I don't get addicted to anymore shows.

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