New Tracks I'm Diggin'/ Lookin' Boy Remix

Written on Friday, August 08, 2008 by Deeze

I had been a little slack on new music lately since I had been neglecting my XM Radio and I no longer have VH1 Soul :(
I've downloaded a bunch of new tracks lately because I need some new stuff to work out to. My May/June Playlist for the gym that I compiled is no longer doing the trick.. For probably the first time ever, no ballads made it in my favorite song list.

Here's Mr. Blognificent's Hot 10 tracks of the week:

    10. Baby - L.L. Cool J f/ The-Dream
    9. Here I Am - Rick Ross f/ Nelly & Avery Storm
    8. Closer - Ne-Yo
    7. Green Light - John Legend f/ Andre 3000
    6. I'm That Chick - Mariah Carey
    5. Comfortable - Lil' Wayne f/ Babyface
    4. A Milli - Lil' Wayne
    3. Stepped on My J's - Nelly f/ JD
    2. Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson
    1. Put On - Young Jeezy f/ Kanye West

Song I'm embarrassed to like:

Lookin' Boy - Hot Styles f/ Young Joc

If you've been under a rock somewhere, that's the song that says "Lookin' Boy" after each line, and there's a break in the beat where the big punch line comes in. At first I thought it was completely stupid (I still do) but Doll had me listen to it and when I saw the video, I found myself laughing after I listened to the words.

It reminds me of how my friends and I used to Freestyle on the back of the bus (6 Jeffery Express) on the way home from High School daily (Yes Mr. Blognificent used to rap and play the dozens). The only difference was we either had someone beatbox or used a Casio Keyboard.

I haven't freestyled in many years but since this song is so easy and I decided to create my own remix.... If I hear my lines on the radio, I'M SUING!!, LOL. Here goes.... don't laugh at my silliness too hard!!!!

    Lame lookin' boy,
    Game lookin' boy,
    Sam Cassel, ATLien lookin' boy

    Boyz II Men Motown Philly, lookin' boy
    Little penguin, Chilly Willy, lookin' boy
    "Take That, Take That, Take That" P. Diddy, 'lookin' boy

    Family Matters Eddie Winslow, McCray Darius, lookin' boy
    Tight leather suit Eddie Murphy Delirious, lookin' boy
    "Whyyyyy sooooo serioussss?????????????????????" Batman Joker, lookin' boy

    Short Katt Williams broke pimp, lookin' boy
    Can't see, patch over yo' eye.. Slick Rick, lookin' boy
    I've fallen......... and I can't get up, old chick lookin' boy

    Scary beast, 'lookin' boy
    Tarter sauce on your teeth lookin' boy
    "Aaah you want to throw garbage cans, now I got's to cut ya", Della Reese lookin' boy

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