Don't Call It A Comeback.........

Written on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 by Deeze

Welcome to my new readers, as well as my veteran blogger and myspace readers.

This is my new blog home. I've decided to shut down the myspace and the other blogger page and just create one combined page.

During, this blog, I'll discuss dating/relationships, social events, friends/family,spirituality, politics, odd news, and some of the lies that society tries to make us believe though the media. Get ready, because we will be experiencing major turbulence. Have fun reading.

Upcoming blogs:

  • Life Reloaded - Changes I've Gone Through
  • My Wedding Weekend: Black People Do This...... White People Do That....
  • Day Dreamin' and I'm Thinkin' Cheese
  • What's With The Ice Grill / Stop Hatin' On Doll!

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