It's Cold As - F Outside!!

Written on Sunday, December 21, 2008 by Deeze

From my understanding, it is colder than a mutha..... outside. I checked the weather yesterday when I returned from my morning workout and realized that today's high would be 3 degrees (not the wind chill). That let me know, to be proactive by going to the grocery store, and shut myself in the house for the remainder of the day.

Fortunately, I have the NFL and a PS3 to keep me company when I don't want to leave my house. My friends wanted to meet up at a sports bar last night and today, but..... ummm.... that's a negative!

What people don't realize is although I was born and raised in Chicago, I hate cold weather more and more each year. The more winters I spend here, the more I plan on it being among my last winters :)

For those crazy people that want a white Christmas, come up here, and you'll see as much white as you want to see. I want a warm Christmas. Complete, with nice weather, BBQ for dinner, and a good NBA game...... Now that's a Happy Holiday!

Not feeling Blognificent!

Written on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 by Deeze

The Return of Mr. Blognificent hasn't been much of a return this year. It seems to get harder to write about things these days, especially since I've settled down and have no more crazy dating stories. I guess this year has been so much of a transition year as far as family, career, relationships, and personal issues that my inspiration for writing has subsided.

I look at it this way.... there's always next year!

So I'm going to try to re-commit myself to writing at minimum once per week even if it's a short post such as this.

Yet Another One

Written on Sunday, December 07, 2008 by Deeze

I've made it yet another year, and I'm glad about it!
I don't have very much to say during this blog, except for some random blabs.

I never thought it would be so difficult to regularly blog....
Has life now gotten boring?
I'm having difficulty coming up with material to blog about....

I'm excited for this new year of my life. I accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to last year, and this year, I plan on accomplishing more than I plan on.

Guess it's time to spruce up my life....
Look forward to new and fun stories!